Back in December we brought you the first trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out, previously known as A Couple of Dicks. To be completely honest, and this is coming from a Smith fan, it wasn't great. Most of the humor fell flat and seemed based on cheap laughs (the repeating game? really?). Following and underwhelming response, Smith responded by saying that the movie would be better understood when in a red band trailer. Now said trailer is here, and I am glad to say he was right. Kind of.

While the trailer certainly has its moments (Tracy punching a 10-year-old, the completion of the knock knock joke), most of the new stuff is more amusing than hilarious. Maybe it will grow on me with time and repeat viewings, but it is what it is. It does seem, however, that it will be the R-rated material that will be fueling this film. Here's hoping that Lunchbox has a few tricks up his sleeve come February 26th. Check out the trailer below or in HD on MySpace.

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