Yes, we're still writing about Kevin Smith's Red State. After it premiered at Sundance earlier this year and then toured around the country accompanied by Smith himself, it seemed we might be done following the every move of what Smith promises will be his second-to-last feature film. But in late June Smith announced the next step in his highly unorthodox process of getting his movie out there to fans, with a video-on-demand release on September 1 to come before a one-night-only nationwide theatrical release in October. And to draw in viewers who aren't the hardcore Smith fans who bought tickets for the roadshow screenings, or who have been turned off by some negative Sundance reviews (including my own), Smith and company have released a new red-band trailer for the film, which you can watch below.

Really, a trailer with this much profanity and violence is pretty much the only way to accurately depict Red State, a movie that's an odd combination of the slangy, curse-laden dialogue we expect from Smith and the shoot 'em up violence that concludes the film. I don't think the combo works at all, but I know some people disagree with me-- and if you've enjoyed Smith's work at all before, you might owe it to yourself to check this out when it hits on-demand, just to witness for yourself how this filmmaker is attempting to stretch his legs and try something now. I still think it's a shame that Smith is trying to hang up his filmmaker's hat after his next film, Hit Somebody, since Red State indicates he could have taken his skills in an interesting new direction.

Also worth noting is that you get a brief glimpse here of the performance from Michael Parks as the Fred Phelps-esque leader of the conservative religious group at the center of the film. Smith has praised Parks's performance endlessly in promoting the movie, and it's one of the few things we agree on-- Parks's character isn't that well developed in the film, but he gives a committed and genuinely scary performance despite it. Add him to the list of reasons you might want to give this movie a look; for more information on the movie and everything else going on with Smith, visit the official site.

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