Between the success of Bridesmaids and the even huger success of The Hangover Part II, it's obvious that movie executives everywhere are scrambling to come up with something, anything, wedding-themed to turn into a new comedy. Now producer Reese Witherspoon-- yes, producer-- may have gotten the jump on everybody. According to Variety Witherspoon will produce and possibly star in Who Invited Her?, a comedy about a woman who insists on tagging along on a bachelor party.

The pitch is so clearly a mix between the two current hot wedding-themed movies that you want to roll your eyes, but there's hope-- the script will be written by Sascha Rothchild, the writer currently adapting her book How to Get Divorced By 30 in to a screenplay, all based on this LA Weekly article that you can read right now. It's a tightly written and very funny piece, if maybe a little navel-gazing, and indicates that Rothchild has a strong comic voice that might be capable of shining through the usual wringer of studio movie scripts. As for Witherspoon, though, the movie sounds a little off her usual path. I like the idea of her letting her freak flag fly as the crazy girl surrounded by boys on a raucous weekend, but especially now that Witherspoon is in her 30s it doesn't sound quite like the kind of role she'd take. Then again, after both How Do You Know and Water for Elephants failed to set the world on fire, maybe that kind of change of pace is exactly what she needs.

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