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We’ve been talking about the new movie from director Nicolas Refn for a few months now. Back in June when he caught it at a festival our own Eric Eisenberg called Drive brilliant, raving that movie lovers must “see Drive in big screens as many times as you can and only in the best theaters you can find.” Earlier today the first trailer debuted at Comic Con, and all indications are it blew everyone away. Now it can do the same to you.

The first ever trailer for Drive has arrived online, and they’re not wasting any time with material watered down for PG-13 audiences. They’re rolling with a restricted, red band trailer right out of the gate, and here it is:

I’m hooked. The cast is incredible. Albert Brooks seems to be on his game in a way he hasn’t been for years, he steals every second he shows up in the trailer. The action looks amazing, Ryan Gosling is as always stellar. This trailer delivers. Be ready. Drive shifts into theaters September 16 of this year.

Want more? Watch clips from Drive embedded below.

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