Saw director (and more importantly the mind behind the excellent, and unfortunately overlooked goth musical Repo! The Genetic Opera) Darren Lynn Bousman has set his sites on the legendary genre label Troma for his next project. He’s remaking the 1980 Troma Film Mother’s Day. Or rather loosely remaking it.

Here’s how they describe it in the press release: “Project, a loose remake of Charles Kaufman’s 1980 Troma Films cult horror classic MOTHER’S DAY, follows a family of villains, led by a smart, manipulative and sadistic mother, who return to the house where they grew up and terrorize the new owners and their guests.”

Bousman, never one to rest on his laurels, has already started talking about the project over on his blog where he reiterates that this won’t be a shot by shot remake. He says, “While it pays homage to the 1980 original film, it is defiantly it's own beast... This film will not be a carbon copy remake... It's unique, clever, scary, violent, and fun.”

Every holiday deserves a horror movie and while I’d rather see someone besides Eli Roth finally get around to revealing Thanksgiving for the terrifying scenario it is, let’s face it, Mothers Day has gotten off too easy for too long. It’s been all restaurant reservations and smiles for too long. Bring on the blood.

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