Veronica Mars
Veronica isn’t necessarily the sharp detective we remember.
Even the world’s greatest composer needs to keep writing music in order to stay sharp and produce their best work, and in her absence from the private eye world Veronica has let herself get a little bit rusty, even while studying the law and learning to argue in court. Part of this is just needing to rebuild muscle memory, but you shouldn’t discount the psychology angle as well.

"I think it’s something that she kind of put in her rear view mirror, something that she didn’t feel like was healthy for her, and I think she carries around a bit of guilt for what she ended up doing to her dad," the director explained to us when asked if his heroine was still at the top of her game. "She’s asked why she hasn’t done it anymore and she says it destroyed friendships and ended relationships and because of what she did, her dad won’t be able to be a cop again, so yeah, I think she has been fueled by that for the intervening years."

Flying across the country to attend school and get away from California gave her a great opportunity to escape from Mars Investigations, but that’s not the only thing she left behind when she left Neptune.

Veronica Mars
Veronica and Logan are not only not together, but haven’t talked in a very, very long time
The relationship between Veronica and Logan has always been a tempestuous one, with the latter character establishing himself as an incredible asshole at the start of the series only to evolve into a more likable character, but nonetheless he has always been the perfect match for Veronica in many fans’ minds. For all their ups and downs, they were always closely connected emotionally, but when Veronica decided to leave Neptune it meant also cutting all ties with her former boyfriend.

Speaking with Jason Dohring between shots, the actor revealed that Logan and Veronica didn’t talk a single time after she left her hometown behind, creating a conversation drought that lasted nine years. Obviously this makes things very awkward and difficult when he needs to reach out to her for help.

"They haven't talked in nine years," the actor told us. "It's a bit rough and I think that, despite his reaching out to her, she hasn't been very receptive necessarily after the way things ended in season three. It's all done as far as she's concerned. After season three, she says, ‘That's it.’"

Instead, Veronica is with Stosh 'Piz' Piznarski (Chris Lowell), her boyfriend from Season 3. Still, when Veronica and Logan are together you can always expect the sparks to fly, and I find it hard to imagine this time will be any different.

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