Veronica Mars
There will be a big fight at the reunion and we know why...
As I mentioned earlier, I was on the set of the movie while they were filming the big high school reunion scene. The central sequence we got to watch cameras roll on had all eyes on a big stage where Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret) stood with a microphone to make a few big announcements. After a moment of silence for the members of the class that passed away before the ten-year (mentioning some very interesting names that I won’t say here due to potential spoilers), she quickly moved on to announcing the reunion awards.

More specific spoilers in the next paragraph

After moving through a few categories like Biggest Success and Most Children, eventually Madison gets to Coming The Longest, and then Cumming The Loudest – for which she announces Veronica’s name. Veronica’s sex tape that was created in Season 3 then starts playing for everyone to see, and we realize that Madison was setting up Veronica the whole time. Veronica’s friends, including Logan and Wallace (Percy Daggs III) try and get the tape switched off, but their efforts wind up with them brawling with other reunion guests.

Using her ingenuity to try and defuse the situation, Veronica then goes to a smoke alarm under a set of stairs and uses a lighter to set off the fire alarms, and covering all of the fighting Neptune Pirates in water from the sprinkler system.

Veronica Mars
Weevil has really turned his life around.
Of all the troubled characters featured on Veronica Mars, Francis Capra’s Weevil was probably the most so. The leader of an outlaw biker gang, he was straddling both sides of the law just about every time he was on screen, and as a result was constantly risking ruining the rest of his life with a stupid crime that would get him put in prison. Usually the futures for people like this are pretty grim, but when you see the movie you will be incredibly proud of his evolution.

Remember what I was saying about watching a scene where Veronica and Weevil meet up at the reunion? Well, in that conversation it’s revealed not only that Weevil has gotten married to a beautiful woman named Jade, but that he has also had a daughter named Valentina – whom he left the bike culture to raise. What’s more, he has put all of his automotive knowledge to use and now owns and operates his own shop working on foreign cars.

Giving the character such a positive future was something that Capra and Thomas talked about at length in preparation for the production, because the star wanted to make sure that what was being portrayed in the movie was coming from a real place.

"It’s difficult for a guy from where he comes from to become so normal and I know that to be true," Capra explained reflecting on the way he personally relates to his character. "Rob and I discussed early on that we would stay true to reality regarding the streets, and regarding how one ends up in a gang. I’m proud of Weevil and I’m happy with the decision, but definitely surprised."

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