Ryan Reynolds has gone hand-in-hand with discussion of a Flash movie for years, but the once-green lit project seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur. Despite people looking for hidden meanings in recent interviews, there’s no solid evidence that says Reynolds will be donning a red costume any time soon… unless it’s a different red costume.

Reynolds told the MTV Movie Blog that he would sacrifice just about any part to get a shot at playing the Marvel character Deadpool, a mercenary known for his annoyingly pervasive banter who carries the title “the Merc with the mouth.” Considering fans love Reynolds for his smart-ass delivery style, the two almost seem like they were made for each other.

The actor points out the project would be difficult to do. The character is an anti-hero in just about every way, from his messy Weapon X origins to his revenge driven motive. Reynolds acknowledges the project, if well done, would be hard-R, making a difficult selling point.

Let’s think about that for a minute though. The studio admits the X-Men franchise is on hold, with the only future plans being the Magneto and Wolverine spin-offs. Wolverine comes from the same Weapon-X program that generated Deadpool, so, while we might not get a solid Deadpool movie any time soon, would it be hard to imagine a cameo in the upcoming Hugh Jackman vehicle? Just keep Brent Ratner away from it and I’ll stand right behind Ryan Reynolds in hoping that happens.

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