Sure, the entertainment industry is full of rich, ambitious white guys who seem to only do ridiculous and dorky things with their fortune, but Richard Branson and McG somehow still seem especially well suited to each other. The Virgin Group billionaire Branson is known for his naked model windsurfing and attempting to pioneer space tourism, while McG makes fluffy movies you like despite yourself and repeatedly tries and fails to court the geeks who reject him. Really, Branson and McG are meant to be together, and now they're finally teaming up on the dumb-yet-brilliant project you've been waiting for.

According to Deadline, Branson and his new Virgin Produced banner are negotiating to acquire Columbus, a script about the famed explored with McG attached to direct. The film is described as 300-style, which should really be enough to have you rolling on the floor, but it's also going to be in 3D. Yes, they may finally have come up with something ridiculous enough to burn the naked windsurfing model out of your brain.

McG is currently at work on This Means War, the comedy starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon that actually sounds like a good use of his action skills (remember how much fun the first Charlie's Angels was? Don't pretend you don't). But I think we've learned by now that the only person who can pull off anything 300-style is the actual Zack Snyder, and even that's iffy sometimes. I wouldn't expect much out of this beyond overbaked disaster, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun to watch while it happens.

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