Amongst all the riff-raff yesterday following Ricky Gervais’ so-called “controversial” showing at the Golden Globes Sunday, nobody seemed to bother asking him whether he even wanted to host again. The 49-year-old comedian turned heads by doing what he was paid to do, make fun of actors for self-aggrandizing and patting each other on the backs with gold statues.

Gervais did such a good job that rumors and false reports started flying immediately about the content of his show, specifically his amazing closing line ("Thank god I'm an atheist"), that the HFPA were furious and were going to blacklist any of his future films from consideration. Of course that was all speculative and the HFPA quickly came out and said they thought it was one of the best shows they’ve had.

Today, the ever vigilant paparazzis at TMZ caught up with the funny man in NY and managed to ask him if he thought the HFPA would have him back, to which he replied:
"It doesn’t really matter because I’m not going to do it again anyway. I think twice is enough."

So unfortunately, even though our fearless leader Josh Tyler already proved that Ricky Gervais is the perfect awards show host, Gervais will not be returning to that stage next year. But maybe the Oscars...

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