Ridley Scott is putting a sword back in the hand of Russell Crowe. He’s signed up to direct Crowe’s anti-Robin Hood movie Nottingham. For those who haven’t been following along, Notthingham is a twisted take on the Hood legend with Crowe as a Sheriff of Nottingham isn’t such a bad guy while Robin Hood is kind of a dick.

Before he does this, Ridley is working on a CIA thriller with Leo DiCaprio, hopefully it will be better than the last CIA thriller we had to sit through, Matt Damon’s boring, blah spy movie The Good Shepherd Once Scott finishes with espionage, he’ll turn is camera on Crowe and use his bad boy persona to bring a more sympathetic Sheriff to life.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that the last time Crowe and Scott worked together wasn’t on Gladiator. That’s because like everyone else in the world, you stayed away from their terrible 2006 movie A Good Year. Fortunately, Nottingham will probably be focused less on wine drinking and mid-life crisis and more on things Ridley and Russell know, like stabbing that bastard Robin Hood with sword.

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