In this new culture of Hollywood in which original ideas are scarce, if not impossible to find, the most egregious example is movies based on board games. Sure, there was Jumanji back in the 90s, but the people who think an honest-to-God movie can be made of Battleship or a Ouja board frighten me, frankly.

Amid all the properties Hasbro is trying to turn into movies on the wake of Transformers success, it looks like Monopoly will be the first out of the gate. The Hollywood Reporter says that Pamela Pettler has signed on to write the screenplay, and Ridley Scott will officially be directing, with plans to make it all futuristic and shiny like Blade Runner.

I'll admit, the idea of transplanting Uncle Pennybags and Marvin Gardens to the bleak world of Blade Runner is intriguing. But I'd much rather Ridley Scott spend his time working on original ideas, or at least not lining the pockets of Hasbro, who have never met an idea they wouldn't sell into the ground.

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