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Not since Watchmen have I seen this much slow motion in a trailer. Say hello to the first ever teaser for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, courtesy of our wily cousins up north, the Canadians. Yep, it’s an international trailer which means we’re likely to get a second version for me and my fellow domestics soon. I hope they speed that one up.

More than anything Robin Hood looks like Ridley’s last attempt at a sword and armor movie, Kingdom of Heaven. If you saw it, you know that’s not a good thing. But it has Russell Crowe who, almost inherently, kicks all kinds of ass. Well except in that other Ridley Scott movie where he mostly sat around drinking wine all day. Whoops. Gladiator has never seemed so far away. Check out the international trailer for Robin Hood below:

And now that you’ve watched the trailer, there’s a brand new batch of photos from the film on the Australian site Click the images below to see even more over there.

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