About the nicest thing I can say about Robin Hood is I recognize his right to exist. He’s not my favorite character by any means, but I guess hobos, serfs and low-class drifters need to indulge wild, resource redistribution fantasies now and again. I don’t really get the whole commit felonies against one to prop up another fetish, but then again, the whole knock the rich white guy down off his peg scenario never really played in my upper class community. Maybe that’s why the only Robin Hood I’ve ever more than tolerated was the Disney version where the dude was a fox and sifted moneybags off an unsuspecting snake. Misguided, heavily armed Communist > snakes.

Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are apparently bigger fans of the man in green than I, but their collaboration has been fraught with delay and creative differences for about a decade now. Supposedly, it’s already shooting--but getting rewrites--while sort of shooting at the same time. The ins and outs and whos-he-what-sees are complicated and unknown to all but a select few. Leave it to the good people over at Showbiz 411 to pass along an update on the whole process, which now includes the guy behind Shakespeare In Love. Yes, Tom Stoppard is lending his screenwriting talents to the already worked and reworked script. Or maybe not. The Blend wasn’t able to verify this story by press time; so, go ahead and jot this down in the rumor notebook. No doubt next week Santa Clause will take over as key grip and Scary Spice will be playing Friar Tuck. The whole ordeal is all Schizophrenic, John Nash rambling patterns anyway.

The infamous unnamed sources have also told Showbiz the cast will include William Hurt, Cate Blanchett and Vanessa Redgrave. You should go check out the sexy, aforementioned redhead in the astoundingly underrated Agatha Christie adaptation Murder On The Orient Express. She’s definitely in that one---and will always be.

And for the record, yes, you read this entire story to learn 1) I’m an affluent Libertarian douche bag, 2) Vanessa Redgrave is sexy, and 3) these people may or may not end up involved in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, which may or may not ever be made. Good luck getting that time back.

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