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For those cinema amateurs out there that think America has been on the cutting age of horror filmmaking for the past seven years, think again. 2002's The Ring marked shift in the film industry. A shift from thought and creation, to simply mining other mediums for everything they're worth (which so far has not been much). Now, nine years later, the man who started it all by delivering Ringu to Japanese audiences in 1998, Hideo Nakata, will be direct Voice From the Stone for Zanuck Independent.

According to Variety, the supernatural thriller is about a young boy sworn to silence until the spirit of his dead mother returns. Soon, the boy's psychologist becomes the body that his mother possesses in order to come back from the dead. Presumably, her first attempt at returning is in the form of a stone, that the boy hears a voice from, otherwise the title would be irrelevant.

The screenwriter behind the recent Friday the 13th reboot, Mark Wheaton, will adapt the novel of the same name, with the quadruple threat of Dean Zanuck, Stefano Gallini-Durante, Oliver Simon, and Daniel Baur producing. Nakata doesn't have a long English-language track record, only having done The Ring Two and the upcoming Chatroom, but his ability to take fresh stories and present them in unique ways has been proven by his work in Japan.

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