If you're alarmed that The Mummy 3 and The Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen is changing things up by tackling the James Patterson adaptation I, Alex Cross, rest assured he'll be returning to his area of expertise soon enough. Deadline reports that Cohen will move on from that crime thriller to Bullet Run, an action film that you can already go ahead and describe as "The Fast and the Furious in the Middle East."

It starts like your typical spy movie, with "the head of an elite private protection team" and his wife, a former CIA agent, secretly entering Iran in order to kidnap the man who killed their daughter. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't exactly so as planned, and since these two are apparently also excellent drivers, they take over a fleet of "high-performance street cars to travel 200 miles through a hail of bullets to keep alive the man they really want dead." Having seen the most recent Fast and the Furious movie and witnessed Paul Walker and Vin Diesel pulling a giant safe through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, I still think that's the most ridiculous idea for a movie I've ever heard-- at least in the Fast movies their entire job description is being great driver, not just a fringe benefit.

And yet, I can't deny I'll probably gladly watch this movie, and the fact that I even kinda enjoyed The Mummy 3 means I won't even be able to pretend to be surprised by it. If I, Alex Cross turns out well maybe Rob Cohen will be able to move beyond his big, dumb action movie niche. If not, he's already got a backup plan in Bullet Run, which could possibly be the biggest and dumbest of them all.

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