Like his health nut character on Parks & Recreation, Rob Lowe may very well be a super human. Not only is he one of the funniest actors on a show crammed with talent, he's also got a best-selling memoir, a major credit in helping rescue Miramax, and now he's planning to make his directorial debut. On a short film. Produced by Butterfinger. Oh, and it's a horror movie.

I can't say I understand this news, but I know that it's true-- on their Facebook page and in an accompanying press release, Butterfinger has announced that Lowe will direct Butterfinger the 13th, what they're calling "the first-ever film produced not by a major studio or filmmaker, but by one of America’s iconic candy brands." Set for release on October 13th this year-- weirdly, not a Friday the 13th like today is-- the 25-minute short comes with the tagline "You Cant Scream With Your Mouth Full." And no, you can't make this shit up either. All we know about the plot is that the hero "paranoia leads him to believe that someone wants to lay a finger... in more ways than one," and that's supposed to be a reference to the slogan "Nobody's Gonna Lay A Finger On My Butterfinger" and not sexual innuendo. Well, at least mostly not sexual innuendo.

If Lowe weren't so on fire right now in his career I'd chalk this up to a washed-up actor desperately seeking success, but it's anyone's guess what's in it for him, beyond the chance to make a ton of money on his directorial debut. And Butterfinger has pretty much guaranteed that we'll be interested in their first short film, something I can't imagine without a name like Lowe's involved. You can watch the teaser trailer below if you need more proof that this is really happening.

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