Miramax has been looking for a savior seemingly as long as it's been in business, getting purchased by Disney back in 1993 only to see the studio kick out founder Harvey and Bob Weinstein in 2005 and then attempt to sell off the name entirely last year. The Weinsteins' attempt to buy back the studio named for their parents fell apart in May, and now another buyer has swooped in, and it's perhaps the last person you ever would have expected.

According to TMZ, Rob Lowe and business partner Tom Barrack are planning to buy the label, with a plan to create "a multi-platform media company, similar to DreamWorks." No, I had no idea Rob Lowe was interested in running a studio. No, I have no idea what else they could be planning. And I really don't know if TMZ has their story straight, since they're experts at letting us know which celebrity is in the hospital or has a DUI but not all that familiar with Hollywood business news. But there you have it-- the man who is the newest cast member of Parks and Recreation is also planning to become a studio mogul. May as well start the day off with some truly strange news.

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