We’ve known about the new Rob Pattinson/David Cronenberg collaboration Cosmopolis for awhile now, but it’s really hard to get a specific sense of a film until pictures emerge. Once you can put faces and costumes to characters, it’s easier to mentally picture actors and actresses in their various roles. That’s certainly the case here. The film in question is an adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel of the same name, and it follows Pattinson as a rich and powerful, early-twenties genius who loses everything during one fateful limo ride across New York City. He bet it all against the Yen, and as the staggering losses mount, he’s forced to keep up appearances during a presidential visit and a rapper’s funeral.

This morning, numerous paparazzi photos taken outside the set leaked onto the internet, and they all feature Pattinson, suited-up to shoot a diner scene with co-stars Kevin Durand and Sarah Gadon. You can take a look at one of the pictures below…

God, he’s a suave bastard, isn’t he? If that pile of money they dive into during the Duck Tales credits was made into a suit, haircut and pair of shoes, it would look exactly like the above picture.

Cosmpolis also stars Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti. As you can tell from the still, production is already underway for a release sometime next year. You can head on over to Just Jared to get a look at the rest of the pictures.

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