Back in September, when we reported that Sandra Bullock would be the star of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity should Natalie Portman drop out, we also suggested that there could be another problem - holding on to Robert Downey Jr. Currently one of the most popular and bankable stars in Hollywood, the man has lined up more than his fair share of projects and his schedule has become tight as a drum as a result. What this means is that should Gravity's schedule change, RDJ could possibly be unavailable. Now that situation may be in motion.

Deadline reports that Downey Jr. may have to drop from the project due to scheduling issues. According to the report, the studio is trying its hardest to keep the actor aboard and have even gotten Bullock to try and convince him to stay aboard. The only part of this news that would soften the blow is that the Downey Jr.'s character is largely supporting, most of the film focused on the female role. The actor currently has multiple projects on his plate including The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes 2 (which he is currently filming), Yucatan, Oz The Great And Powerful and Emergency.

Much like Peter Jackson with The Hobbit, Cuaron can't seem to catch a break with Gravity. He's already watched his two top female picks, Angelina Jolie and Portman, leave the project and now he may lose his male star. The film sounds absolutely epic, and it would be a shame to watch the whole thing fall apart. Here's hoping that they can work something out, keep RDJ on board and make the film right.

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