I’m not privy to all the behind the scenes deals in Hollywood and neither are you. However the general assumption everyone’s been working under over this past week was that Robert Downey Jr. is a lock to return as Tony Stark for Iron Man 2. Now though, it seems not so much.

HR reports that during a conference call announcing the company’s quarterly results, Marvel Studio executives were hesitant on the subject of Downey’s involvement in the sequel. Robert is under contract for two more movies, but apparently Marvel thinks they’re going to have to come up with even more money if they want him to honor the deal.

See, when you or I sign a contract, we are expected to uphold it. But that’s only because we aren’t rich and in demand. When you’re rich and in demand, the rules don’t really apply to you. Regardless, there’s every reason to believe Robert Downy Jr. will be back as Iron Man. Before it’s a sure thing though, it looks like Marvel is going to have to come up with more cash. Maybe Downey wants to actually start living like Tony Stark in addition to playing him. How much does it cost to put a stripper pole in your private jet?

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