Here, There Be Monsters is a phrase that was used by early mapmakers to describe areas of the sea where “monsters” were sited. Monsters of course referring to giant squids, or kraken as they were referred to then. So already the story is going to be big fun because there’s literally nothing not exciting about a gigantic sea creature.

The phrase is being used as a title for a project that, according to The Wrap, Robert Zemeckis is circling to direct that will center around Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones, except this time around they’re adding some sea monsters to make things more interesting (because apparently the Revolutionary War isn’t that interesting on its own). The idea comes from Legendary CEO Thomas Tull, who will also produce the film.

Brian Helgeland has signed on to pen the script so we can expect something pretty great from him. His impressive resume includes films like L.A. Confidential, Mystic River, Man on Fire and many, many more great films. The real question is whether or not Robert Zemeckis, who is responsible for some classics, but hasn’t produced anything great in quite some time, can come through in a return to form to deliver a solid film.

There’s a lot of potential in Here There Be Monsters for something awesome. John Carter is getting a lot of buzz right now with its civil war hero on Mars story, so the timing might be just right for more augmented reality war stuff like this. It’s just a matter of getting the right talent in line, which hopefully Tull and the Legendary banner can take care of. More on this as details fall into place.

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