Mrs. Doubtfire
Mrs. Doubtfire 2 – Probably Never Happening
News of a possibly sequel to the beloved 90s classic Mrs. Doubtfire only came around very recently. Reports back in April said that director Chris Columbus and Robin Williams were working together on the project at Fox 2000, and that Elf screenwriter David Berenbaum had been brought aboard to pen the script. According to a poll taken at the time, most of you were excited about the possibility of a Mrs. Doubtfire 2, but it’s hard to imagine that it would actually happen now.

The original Mrs. Doubtfire entirely hinged on the comedic stylings of Robin Williams, with the lead really being one of the few actors out there who could get big laughs out of playing a Scottish nanny while also pulling at our heartstrings as a dad who just wants to see his kids. If Williams hadn’t wanted to be a part of it, it’s hard to imagine that Columbus or Fox 2000 would have wanted to move forward with a sequel, and now that he’s gone it’s hard to imagine that they would take the project any further.

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