Hercules Was His Most Demanding Role
While speaking towards the more promotional side of the AMA, Dwayne Johnson admitted that out of all of the roles he's taken on, Hercules was – in fact – the most demanding. He went on to describe that while he was prepared for all sorts of training that would put him in peak physical condition for the role, as well as help him handle things like swords and chariots, what he wasn't prepared for was a chain of injuries that made his job a hell of a lot harder.
...tore two tendons from my pelvis, which then ultimately led to my abdomen wall weakening which cause 3 hernia tears. So wrap all that up into a big ass ball of fun pain and you have the most challenging role Ive ever had. ;).

On top of all of the injuries he sustained, The Rock had to keep the shape he's in for the film for the entirety of the five month shoot. It can never be said that the man has no stamina or dedication to his craft, because he also admitted that if he ever had to do it again, he'd "do it twice." His only change the next time around? The presence of one of his legendary cheat meals once a week! (By the way, his favorite cheat meal consists of "pizza (double dough), pancakes and peanut butter brownies. And for good measure I throw in a diet coke!" Speaking of Hercules, a very special supporter of Johnson's stopped in to give him a hefty vote of confidence!

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