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Never afraid to get cocky about his bajillion upcoming projects, Robert Rodriguez is offering up a lot of big talk about his next project, Nerveracker, while he hangs out in Austin for SXSW this week. He confirmed that Nerveracker is indeed his next project, with a script recently turned in and plans to shoot in June. And he compared the movie to some pretty revered original material.

"“I used to say it was, it’s kind of like Blade Runner, but that was Blade Walker. This is Blade Runner.”

Could this be the beginning of a hilarious Rodriguez vs. Ridley Scott rivalry? And would Ridley Scott actually take the bait? The basic concept sure does sound similar to the original 1982 classic. Nerverackers is a futuristic thriller set in the year 2085, where a man named Joe Tezca lives in a supposedly perfect society and has to quell crimes to manage to happen there.