Remember when Wolverine leaked online at the beginning of April, and most online movie writers like yours truly wouldn't touch it? We knew it was in the best interest of our industry not to encourage people to watch it, and therefore most news stories on the leak had no links to the downloadable torrents, and definitely no admissions that we ourselves had watched it. Most of us didn't.

Most of us, that is, except for Roger Friedman, the Fox News columnist who posted a review of Wolverine based on the work print. Many writers cried for him to be fired (including Josh), and eventually he was, given that he was essentially supporting the piracy of a film produced by his parent company yeah.

I'm bringing up Friedman because, like a cockroach, he's returned, and will be covering the celebrity beat for The Hollywood Reporter. THR announced the hiring, making no mention of the Wolverine debacle. But trust me, there are many of us who will not forget it. Someone put this guy on the piracy beat and make sure he's learned his lesson.

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