A few days ago we brought you the news that Paramount might be trying to pick up the Sundance sensation Catfish, given that they were holding test screenings of the documentary on the lot. Now apparently in the wake of good-but-not-great test screenings, the movie has gone to another bidder-- Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Rogue Pictures, owned by Relativity Media, has picked up the film.

What this means for moviegoers is pretty much nothing-- Universal distributes most of Rogue's films, and therefore Catfish will likely be seeing a much wider release than most movies that go into Sundance with zero buzz and stars. And yet, the name Brett Ratner is attached to the project-- he's apparently planning to "refresh" the film, which sounds kind of ballsy given that it's a documentary. Anyone who has a Pavlovian response to run, run away the minute Ratner's name is mentioned may need to take a knee right now.

The fact is that Catfish is a remarkable movie but not necessarily a perfect one, and studio treatment might be able to gloss it up a bit. By the same token, the joys of Catfish are so specific that it's hard to see them ruined entirely. Then again, this is the first time I've gone to Sundance and fallen in love with a movie there. I may be setting myself up for massive, massive disappointment.

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