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As long as David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo doesn't wind up being a massive disaster, 2011 should be the year that Rooney Mara becomes a star. Already on everyone's radar thanks to the opening scene of The Social Network, the young actress is on the verge of having every studio in town trying to knock down her front door (if it hasn't started already). The point is, Rooney Mara is going to become very busy very soon, and it apparently starts with a project called Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes.

According to The Playlist, Mara has signed on for a starring role in the film, which will reunite her with director Francesca Gregorini, whom she previously worked with on the 2009 film Tanner Hall. Based on a script by Gregorini, Mara will play a young woman who sees an uncanny resemblance between her neighbor and dead mother and becomes obsessed. The film is scheduled to begin filming this summer.

While I can't say that I was too impressed with Mara's turn in last year's Nightmare on Elm Street remake (but that may just be a problem with the material), it's not hard to see the potential in her. Performing Aaron Sorkin dialogue is no easy task, and while she only had two scenes in the movie, both were incredibly memorable. Expect to see Rooney Mara's name a lot in the coming months.

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