Walking with Dinosaurs
Anyone else find it difficult to root for the underdog in this story knowing that all too soon a giant meteor is going to streak out of the sky, crash into Earth and annihilate the entire dinosaur species from the planet? I mean, I hope the little Pachyrhinocerauses make it and becomes vital cogs in the species, but really, everyone in this flick is doomed from the start so there’s your wet blanket moment for the day.

That being said, the story of these dinosaurs (Patchi, Juniper and Scowler) looks like a visual pleasure and there’s most likely some piece of "feel good" that’ll accompany the flick as we see little dinosaurs overcome significant odds to become the big, hulking bones now on display in the American Museum of Natural History. Kids will eat the [email protected]#$ up. And if there’s one thing kids love, it’s dinosaurs. I’m not sure I totally understand the fascination, but a universal truth in nature is that if dinosaurs are involved, kids eat it up. Little Rotten Week read one freaking book about a Pterodactyl and we were trudging off to the city to spend a Saturday walking around the museum.

Directed by relative big screen newcomer Neil Nightingale (he’s done a ton of documentary and television work) and Barry Cook (co-directed Arthur’s Christmas - 91%) this film will most likely do well at the box office and I think fairs mildly well with critics. Doubt it will crush the Tomatometer, but the visuals look on point and feel good story might carry the day. That is if critics just forget that dinosaurs get wiped out soon enough. The Rotten Watch for Walking with Dinosaurs is 61%

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