It’s only been a few weeks since I wrote about the phenomenon of movies continually employing the device of idiotic new family moving into a house where a grizzly murder/disturbance/paranormal something-or-other recently went down. And, what do you know, but two three weeks later we’re at it again with Sinister. That this flick is actually good is besides the point, how stupid are these movie characters?

Granted, Ethan Hawke’s character is writing a book about a family that strung themselves up from the front yard tree only nine months before (the short time span might make it worse actually) so he’s got a “personal investment” thing going, but still.

But flimsy relocation backdrop aside, Scott Derickson (The Day the Earth Stood Still-21%, The Exorcism of Emily Rose-44%) appears to have made a legit, better check your boxers or briefs thriller. To be honest, the trailer had me jump a few times and early reviews love the terror momentum building throughout. It isn’t taking a worn premise in an already saturated genre and turning it into a flick critics love. Derickson has done just that. He’s made a film that doesn’t rely on cheap thrills, but rather reinforces a solid flick with bumps in the night and masked demons coming after the kids. As a ‘fraidy cat, I won’t be seeing it, but this film adds the ranks of horror critical darlings. The Rotten Watch for Sinister is 85%

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