Here Comes the Boom
An admission: I had every intention of watching the trailer for Here Comes the Boom and writing a scathing, dressing down of the reverse-engineering culture of movie making wherein a concept (or prop) is introduced (in this case MMA fighting) and a movie is then written around said prop or concept. It is wholly un-organic process of creating “art” and a strategy filmmakers seem to use increasingly more often. Then I watched the trailer, and while I think the flick’ll still pretty much suck, there is probably just enough legitimate emotion and gravitas*, to keep it out of critical basement.

*Quick comments section challenge. Complete the following analogy Kevin James:Gravitas::__________:__________

And believe me, Kevin James and director Frank Coraci know a thing or two about spending time in that cellar. Hell they hung out there together with Zookeeper (14%), a movie most likely written in the style of the first paragraph in which these guys got together and said something like, “You know what’d be funny? A dude at a zoo who talks to animals. Let’s write a movie about that!” And a style Coraci has employed before with Click (33%). (“You know what’d be funny? A remote control.”)

But Here Comes the Boom may provide that little sliver of humanity needed to make a stupid comedy more than a basement feeding money grab. James, an almost washed-up high school teacher, starts fighting MMA to raise money for the underfunded arts programs at school. It’s got that School of Rock feel, and while I don’t think it comes anywhere close to the ninetieth percent heights Jack Black reached, it won’t be your average Kevin James fare. (Remember, this is a guy who’s averaged 19% on the Tomatometer over the last five years). I think there’ll be just enough non-idiotic moments to keep critics at bay. The Rotten Watch for Here Comes the Boom is 43%
Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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