Warm Bodies
There’s a running joke around our house that if/when the zombie apocalypse is in its earliest stages we will know because Mrs. Rotten Week’s immune system is the equivalent of an locked front door. Anything that wants to get through can and does. She’ll be among the first “turned”. Here’s to hoping the zombie takeover can be thwarted in the way R and Julie presuppose, through a healthy dose of love. I’ve already promised to come for her, I’ll be fine, this immune system is Fort Knox.

Based on the book by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies deals with zombie R and his growing self-awareness, especially in relation to his feelings for Julie, a zombie hunter looking to take back the world. While it may look like a zombie flick, and I mean it is one, Warm Bodies is a love story, a romantic comedy with the apocalypse as a backdrop. Appearing to adhere to many zombie conventions, it seems as if director Jonathan Levine (50/50-93%) has stuck to the comedic angle (much like Zombieland) and made a flick that’ll resonate with the teenage crowd for whom it’s intended. (Vampires are so last year). Early reviews find a slightly flawed but endearing, romantic comedy. And while the trailer didn’t resonate with me personally, that’s fine, I’m not the target audience. his is a story about undead teenage love, another one. And if love can overcome the zombie gene then not to worry Mrs. Rotten Week, I’ll be coming for ya. The Rotten Watch for Warm Bodies is 67%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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