Recapping last week:

Gross. Just gross. My predictions, these movies, just everything has a faint hint of garbage. And that’s even counting a near bullseye. First of all, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Predicted: 45% Actual: 15%) was an atrocity. I spent a fair bit of time ripping on fairy tales, thinking this movie would suck and then didn’t have the cojones to give a basement prediction. I’ll grow them back one day. One day. But you know it’s a crazy week when fifteen percent doesn’t even get you close to the worst of the bunch.

Bringing us to Movie 43 (Predicted: 50% Actual: 5%). Whooo boy. Wow. I admitted to not having much of a feel about this thing. I knew it’d been delayed but I attributed it to the “star” power needing time to line up. But man was that wrong. Five percent?! It’s already in the running for worst of the year.

Finally, Parker (Predicted: 38% Actual: 37%) was right about on the money. Thank you Jason Statham for bringing just a little bit of mediocre consistency just when I needed it the most.

Next time around there’s side effects with stolen identities. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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