The Call
I like the tact the filmmakers took in this thing. They said to themselves, “Okay, here’s the deal, we’ve got Halle Berry on board. She’s going to the play the 911 operator at the center of a serial killer investigation. And while that’s an implausible, almost laughable premise, we’ve got bigger problems. Is there anyone out there who’ll believe someone who looks like Halle Berry actually works as a 911 operator and not, say, as a professional model? No, no there isn’t. Something must be done.”

So they got to work de-hotting Berry, giving her a weird, up curly do, and dolling her down in the drab blues and grays of the public service sector. It’s like they also thought, “Hey look at Monster’s Ball, they made her plain Jane in that thing and she won a [email protected]#$ing Oscar.”

Anyway, this reconfiguring of Berry’s looks only serves to distract from that fact that this flick looks ridiculous and critics will hate it. Look no further than The Guardian’s break down of Berry’s facial expressions to know what you’re getting into here.

Directed by Brad Anderson (Transsiberian-91%, The Machinist-76%), The Call looks far removed from his earlier, critically acclaimed work. It appears a formulaic, serial killer, kidnapping, nick-of-time, manhunt through Hollywood cliches. Don’t expect much. The Rotten Watch for The Call is 24%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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