Will Captain America: The Winter Soldier get better than 60% Fresh?

last rotten week Oof, rough one. 0-2 on the week, starting with Noah (Predicted: 60% Actual: 76%). I expected the score to dip over the week (a mistake I’ve been making more lately) but it held firm because of critics like Sean O’Connell and his review. It’s a strong read and helps identify why critics would keep with a flick with such a well-known, and controversial (depending on how your religious flag flies) backstory. But as Sean outlines, director Darren Aronofsky makes some choices along the way of just how closely to align this story to the one in the Bible (hint: there are some big differences). This choice could be what saved the film in the eyes of critics. Unfortunately, this also made my score out of range.

Meanwhile Sabotage (Predicted: 46% Actual: 22%) was a healthy miss. Man did I go too high on this thing. What did I miss? Well, Gabe Toro’s review opens with all the explanation you need when he says:
In both the best and worst sense of the word, Sabotage might be the most Cro-Magnon movie ever released.

Do you need anything else? It wasn’t good and critics laid waste to the film. What a miss.

Next time around we’ve got the NFL draft, more Rio and evil mirrors. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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