Escape Plan
So the prison escape movie is nothing new. They’ve been making this flick for years, with the jails getting more and more high tech (while our own prison systems seem to sink further into the mire). So the conceit of a guy getting falsely locked up and having to bust out of the clink isn’t necessarily paving any new cinematic roads. But my question about this film is, if you want someone out of your life so badly, why not just kill them? I’m not a proponent of murder mind you, just wondering why any person/ agency would go through the trouble of sticking someone in a supermax prison (especially a master escape artist) in order to be rid of them. Why not just use your plentiful resources to just make the guy disappear permanently? Sticking a roided-up Harry Houdini in a prison to “get him out of the way” just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But hey, at least it gets Arnie and Sly on the screen together.

One thing I like about these two dudes’ late career moves has been how they’ve embraced their cartoon-like facades and just said the hell with doing anything resembling real acting roles. Instead, they seem to have become caricatures of themselves (getting more muscled, playing up their accents, etc) and begun taking part in movies that almost poke fun at their early careers. (Think: The Last Stand-60%, Bullet to the Head-46%, and Expendables 2-65%) I’d say its a meta approach to career reinvigoration but that might be giving everyone too much credit.

Mikael Hafstrom (The Rite-21%, 1408-78%, Derailed-20%) directs this story of Ray Breslin (Stallone), a prison escape master as he teams with Emil Rottmayer (Arnie, what a name!) as they punch, kick, shoot, and one-line their way out of the most maximum-y prison on Earth. Honestly, it looks like a fun flick once all pretense of “story” is stripped away so we can just see these two titans of action doing what they’ve all done best. Kill people. The Rotten Watch for Escape Plan is 52%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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