Fun Size
Think back to high school. Forget, for a second, your out-of-whack hormones, terrible skin, destructive angst, anti-authoritarian rebellious streak, under-developed sense of humor and just general malaise about life as a whole. Instead, think back to what you would consider to be your “craziest” night of high school. Does it get anywhere close to what movies would have you believe is the typical high school experience? Do you ever remember a time you participated in an increasingly escalating series of events revolving around your sole mission (Let’s get to that rager already!) only to learn some important life lessons about the beauty of friendship, fleeting nature of youth and inner resolve needed to survive a cruel, unforgiving world beyond the safe confines of “home”? Me neither. Mostly I remember asking to use my parents car and pretending I loved the taste of Busch Light. So, yeah, the movies have this genre a little crossed up.

Granted, there exist the high school one-nighter flicks worth the watch--Superbad, Dazed and Confused and even Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist come to mind. But Fun Size will not soon be joining them.Instead, this movie will employ oft-used hammy hijinks with characters who embody subgroups of the Hollywood high school hierarchy (good looking cool kid, good looking shy girl, good looking nerd, good looking supporting cast) while getting them into all kinds of s#$% along the way (the more stuff they accidentally destroy the better). It’s a tired theme done poorly many, many times.

Director Josh Schwartz hits the big screen for the first time after creating crazy popular “high school” television shows The O.C. and Gossip Girl. His first foray into the movies though looks dreadful: girl wants to go to party, girl has to babysit instead, girl loses baby brother, girl goes on mission to find him, girl will almost definitely find him at said party. (She’ll also find out that (insert cheesy message here).The Rotten Watch for Fun Size is 20%

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