Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
Well look who’s back with a story to tell. The Jackass crew, along with Bam Margera’s offshoot and the Nitro Circus guys (and I know there are others out there) have long made a living on throwing themselves in harm’s way for the rush and money of it all. But outside of their own “personal” stories they haven’t necessarily interspersed a plot along with all of the shenanigans. Their brand of self-harm-as-entertainment has usually been the standalone type. Letting the stunts speak for themselves. Sacha Baron Cohen on the other hand began mashing up the two, first as Ali G and then in both Bruno and Borat, preying on the legions of idiots through hijinks while strolling around our great country; holding together the loosest elements of script and plot. Those movies used Cohen’s characters and “story” as a vehicle for highlighting the collective stupidity that’s settled around us like dew in the morning. Johnny Knoxville’s Irving Zisman looks to go the same route, through a cross-country road trip with his grandson with stops to gallivant with the nation’s gullible and inane.

And while some elements of the movie look to be commentary on where America is going really wrong (the child beauty pageant circuit for one), most of the film looks to be an excuse to dress Knoxville up as an old man, run things over with a car and throw himself through plate glass windows. Mainly, it’s him doing geriatric Jackass-y stunts and his “grandson” going for the other side of the shock spectrum (look, now it’s a kid doing and saying crazy stuff!). Not to say there isn’t entertainment value in this kind of thing, but I don’t know if we really gain anything. How many more stunts are there out there? Haven’t all the envelopes been pushed to the brink already? Doing the same things with different costumes might not a good movie make. Though I’m not sure anyone is too concerned with critical reception.

The rest of the Jackass franchise has had relative critical success with Jackass: The Movie (48%) starting a bit weakly while Jackass: Number Two (62%) and Jackass: 3-D (63%) picked up the slack. Granted they’ve accumulated around $350 million at the box office, so why not trot out a new one and see what happens? There’s literally nothing to lose. (Remember, these are guys who got famous by throwing themselves off of moving cars and punching each other in the balls.) Will critics love it? Nope, but who cares? Not Irving Zisman who’ll surely laugh his way to the bank with a trip to the ER most likely thrown in for good measure. The Rotten Watch for Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa is 39%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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