Recapping last week:

Ooh baby. What a week for the the Rotten Watch. Three movies off by a combined 11% will have the folks around these offices walking around with a little jump in their collective steps. This was my best run in awhile. Starting with Carrie (Predicted: 46% Actual: 51%) which looked decidedly average from the get-go. Critics felt it was just a go-nowhere, uninspired retread that just hung around long enough to keep people in their seats, with no actual new or particularly creative elements added along the way. In her review, Katey mentions that many scenes are just lifted directly from the original. and that kind of strict rehashing makes it difficult for the flick to emerge from its predecessor’s shadow. Making the whole thing just, meh.

Staying in the theme of average, Escape Plan (Predicted: 52% Actual: 46%) was another one hovering around the middle. Sure it’s Sly and Arnie together, but that novelty has worn off a bit as both these dudes have aged (gracefully mind you). It’s tough to get excited about their on screen pairing, and critics reacted as such. It looks like a fun action film without walking (or punching or blowing up) any particularly new ground.

And finally, The Fifth Estate (Predicted: 40% Actual: 40%) was a direct hit. Boom. Had a little head start on Julian Assange’s creepy-hair so it’s tough to take full credit. But to have spot on prediction always warms my soul. Kind of like seeing dudes try and take down Big Brother. Granted, the movie stayed in line with the rest of the week’s slate: not quite good enough.

Next time around Ender plays the the game, birds go free and old dudes head to Vegas. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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