Since having a daughter I look at the world a little differently, especially in regards to the decisions she makes and how they effect her learning process and understanding of right and wrong. It’s important for me to instill a general sense of ethics and morality, to make her see the cause and effect relationship of her decisions and subsequent consequences both tangible and implied. It’s a delicate balance and a constantly changing landscape. All that is to say, if on the way home from daycare she got pinched by the feds for muling drugs across town in her diaper bag, well guess what little lady? She’s paying the price. Hard f#[email protected] time and daddy ain’t going undercover to bail anyone out either no matter how insistent she is on being “set up” or “innocent”. There’s a lesson in everything.

The Rock sees things a little differently. That could be for a couple of reasons. Maybe he’s a helicopter parent more inclined to believe his kid than I am. It might also be because he’s built like a Greek God on steroids and doesn’t succumb to basic forms of physical intimidation because he can twist most dudes into pretzels without breaking a sweat. He can also lift up big guns and shoot them whereas I have an aversion to loud noises. Maybe he just loves his family more. Whatever it is, when The Rock’s kid gets picked up on a drug charge, daddy volunteers to go undercover and dismantle a violent drug cartel just because sonny boy can’t do a simple ten year stint without whining like a little b#$% (I blame the parenting. See how The Rock enables?) Directed by Ric Roman Waugh (Felon-61%) this movie deals with family, guns, drugs, and a referendum on the decline of the empowered child. How’s this kid going to learn when daddy does everything for him? But it does look better than other Rock-led movies, most notably Journey 2: Mysterious Island (41%), The Tooth Fairy (18%). It appears a more serious turn while also incorporating the blow-em-up aspect you’d expect from Dwayne Johnson. I don’t think critics love it, but it won’t be a basement dweller either. The Rock’s just too good a parent to let that happen. The Rotten Watch for Snitch is 52%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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