Which movie will get a higher Tomato score?

last rotten week A nice week for the Rotten Watch as I was able to identify two movies that almost definitely weren’t going to sit well with critics. First off, Need for Speed (Predicted: 19% Actual: 24%) was right in range. Saw this one coming as even the trailer had difficulty distinguishing the actors from the cars as to who was really leading the movie. Kristy Puchko’s review was a bit of an outlier as she gave it three stars though she did call it an "uneven ride". Guess she didn’t get the memo to pan the crap out of it so my score would be in range. Nevertheless, the other critics helped out. Meanwhile, Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club (Predicted: 28% Actual: 22%) was just another addition to Perry’s canon of subpar flicks. CinemaBlend didn’t review the film, I guess seeing the writing on the wall. Many of the reviews touched on things I mentioned in my writeup. Mainly: for a movie about the empowerment of single moms, there seemed to be a ton of focus on finding a man (and not really spending any time with your kids). Tyler Perry movies are always the easiest to predict. This guy just can’t make anything good.

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