Trouble With the Curve
The original premise of this flick was Clint Eastwood traveling throughout the country scouting amateur baseball players and getting into all kinds of crazy hijinks with his best friend, confidant and sidekick, an empty chair. Oh yeah! RIMSHOT!

But now that we’ve cleared that low hanging comedic fruit, let’s marvel at Eastwood the actor and talk about something not politically charged, but rather completely amazing: Clint Eastwood is eighty-freaking-two years old! Are you kidding me? Considering most 82-year-olds are either dead or pretty much dead, Eastwood cranking out starring roles as he closes in on a century’s worth of living years is ridiculous. He was almost a teenager when America jumped into World War II and dude can still bring it, using his own particular form of geriatrics to play an old man navigating the young man’s game of baseball in his latest film.

Long time Eastwood collaborator Robert Lorenz is behind the lens as director for the first time in his career. But this guy and old man Clint go way the hell back. Dude’s produced and/or assistant director’ed something like sixteen Eastwood-related films which probably makes him close to family, and possibly makes directing Clint (before he kicks the bucket) a dream come true. But all that aside, the highlight of Lorentz’s career and complete resume builder is most definitely his second assistant director tag on this American classic . (But we won’t hold it against him.) He’ll direct Eastwood in the actor’s first on screen work since Gran Torino (80%) and his first acting work where he wasn’t also the director since 1993 with In the Line of Fire (95%).

But here’s the thing with this movie. Does anyone else get the sense that Eastwood might be throwing the guy a bone before walking off into the sunset? Couldn’t this flick just be an eighty-two year dude who might be losing it (remember the chair?) getting up on screen too late in the game and helping a friend out? I think it falls short of Eastwood’s other works. My man is getting old. The Rotten Watch for Trouble With the Curve is 52%

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