End of Watch
It isn’t easy being a police officer. Believe me I know, having just finished watching the first season of The Wire for the third time. If anyone knows a little something about walking the beat, putting yourself in harm’s way night after night and taking down bad guys it’s this writer. Oh, and I guess real cops know about it too. But if you want to know about it ask me first, cops can be a bit moody.

This film deals with shaved-head Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as a couple of young hotshot cops who videotape themselves taking down loser druggies and gangbangers. Directed by David Ayer, these LAPD partners stumble upon something the Mexican drug cartel no-likey and all of a sudden the boys in blue are greenlit (this means you are allowed to kill them. See? I know [email protected]#$ like this.)

One thing Ayer knows is tension: he wrote Training Day, for me a sphincter clencher from almost beginning to end. (S.W.A.T.-48% and The Fast and the Furious-52%? Not so much, but you’re not perfect either so whatever). His other trips into the director chair haven’t been exactly world beaters with Street Kings (37%) and Harsh Times (48%) coming in well short of the mark. But it looks like he’s back on the winning side of things with this latest movie. Early reviews are are going gaga with the flick sitting at 93% after passing across fourteen critics’ eyes. I think it maintains these lofty heights going forward considering the early love. And take it from an expert, these cops look for real. The Rotten Watch for End of Watch is 90%

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