House at the End of the Street
I don’t have the time to do this, but if one of you out there has a couple extra hours on your hand(s), feel free to start compiling some statistics on how many movies employ the following theme: New people move into town. The house they move into is either the scene of a grisly, mysterious murder/disappearance years ago or is situated right next door to a house that was the scene of a grisly, mysterious murder/disappearance years ago. Then, all of a sudden, like clockwork, the crazy stuff starts happening again and yet cognitive dissonance makes it so the new people won’t just pack up and move on. I would make a guess the number movies that’ve used this premise is easily in the hundreds.

Bringing us to House at the End of the Street. Guess what happens? Stumped? Elisabeth Shue and Jennifer Lawrence buy a house on the block where a little girl ran roughshod with a knife all over mommy and daddy, sparing the creepy brother. Does this mother daughter team bounce out of town lickety-split? Of course not. Instead, Jennifer Lawrence starts dating the creepy kid and it doesn’t appear to work out so well.

Mark Tonderai (Hush-43%) directs this retread horror film. There’s a chance he makes an old theme work, but I’m betting against it. It just feels too “Moved there, killed that,” you know? The Rotten Watch for House at the End of the Street is 41%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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