The Fault in our Stars
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It's rather impossible to get cute about the plot of The Fault In Our Stars considering it's about a teenager dealing with the struggles of cancer while going through the "normal" trials and tribulations of being a young person in love. It’s a double gut punch of typical teen angst and terminal illness. Oof. How will audiences even make it through this thing with a single dry eye? If you do, you’re probably a robot.

Get out the Kleenex before checking the trailer for The Fault in our Stars:

Along with every single literate teenager in America, I’ve read The Fault in our Stars. It was a solid book about the pain and strife caused by growing up and living with cancer. Though a little heavy on the melodrama and too Dawson’s Creek-y in the character back and forths (something that will, I’m sure, bother me about the flick) it really was a novel tailor made for a film adaptation. Visual in the prose, John Greene’s novel has a picturesque quality to it, something from the trailer, I wonder if the filmmakers had difficulty capturing. This book is an emotional rollercoaster and doesn’t pull too many punches with Hazel Grace’s pain, snarkiness, intelligence and sadness. The inner look it gives of her disease, and what it means for teenagers to stare down the barrel of a loaded medical gun well before they should ever have to will for sure pull at heart strings. I just really hope the movie doesn’t overdo it.

Director Josh Boone has helmed one other film in his career, a small feature Stuck in Love (59%) that rated out fair with critics. I feel like critics will rate The Fault in our Stars higher than Boone’s previous work, but it won’t be a critical darling. I just get the sense from the trailer that this will come off more like a Nicholas Sparks adaptation than the book Green wrote. In an early review one critic called it overly "schlocky" at times. This was the case in the book, and could stand out more in the film. This feeling is what I think will keep the score out of the upper echelon.

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