We’re the Millers
How soon until the premise for this movie is completely dated? In a couple of years, when we are all buying our pot from the produce aisle in the local ShopRite, the idea of shuttling a makeshift family across the Mexican border in a RV stacked to the ceiling with bricks of marijuana will seem laughable right? Can’t you just pick this stuff up with way less hassle in Denver right now? I’m no drug buff, but seems like a needless risk to run up against DEA patrols because of pot. But until we can use coupons to buy our stuff, Jason Sudeikis sees it reasonable to pack a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), naive teenage boy (Will Poulter) and a hoodlum (Emma Roberts) into the Winnebago and get a shipment for a narcissistic millionaire (Ed Helms).

The director with the preppiest name of all time, Rawson Marshall Thurber helms this flick after guiding a success in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (70%), a flop with Mysteries of Pittsburgh (12%) and my personal favorite commercial of all time Terry Tate: Office Linebacker. (If you haven’t seen this before, enjoy three plus minutes of commercial perfection.)

The trailer contains its fair share of laughs (mostly from Poulter) and the cast is strong, but I’m not seeing enough here to predict a critical success. I like my comedy trailers to blow me out of the funny water and I’m not sure if this one does the trick. It appears to rely on some hokey plot devices (Aniston has to strip to prove herself, Roberts is over-the-top delinquent, etc) and I can imagine a scenario where this falls very flat. That being said, I’m going to hedge a bit mostly because of the cast. I was wrong with another Sudeikis/ Aniston raunchy comedy Horrible Bosses (Predicted: 44% Actual: 69%) which has me worried about reading too much into the trailer. If you think I’m confused, congrats, you’re right. I don’t think I’d feel great about this prediction no matter what. The Rotten Watch for We’re the Millers is 52%

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