Wondering what is happening in skies above the world of Pixar’s Cars? Me neither. But prepare yourself for the answer anyway. Planes deals with Dusty Crophopper and his fear of heights as he prepares to go from lowly farm plane to a celebrated flying racer. All while soaring above Lightning McQueen, Mater and company.

DisneyToon Studios typically releases direct-to-video flicks including Little Rotten Week’s absolute favorite mind-numbing fare, the Tinker Bell movies. (Sidenote: I know more about the Fairies of Pixie Hollow than any grown adult who doesn’t work for Disney should.) This flick was supposed to go that route until Disney saw the final product and thought it could take a run in theaters.

Director Klay Hall has his work hit the big screen for the first time after working on King of the Hill, Father of the Pride and of course the much ballyhooed Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. I suppose it’s a feather in his cap that the studio saw enough to change its original plan and put it out for the masses. I don’t think it ends up with overwhelmingly positive reviews considering its original roadmap, but I have a feeling critics are pleasantly surprised with the product. The Rotten Watch for Planes is 61%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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