Free Birds
There’s something to be said for the themes set forth in this movie. An animal navigating the pitfalls of time travel in order to better their personal situation while influencing the cultural "value" of their particular species. Of course, not realizing the economic principle that implies if no one wants turkeys, there is less motivation to produce more turkeys. So effectively, by time traveling to "save turkeys from the dinner table" he’s possibly endangering his brothers and sisters in feathers. This is all while considering the national implications of taking the very symbol of "thanks" and creating a new cultural norm. So yeah, it’s this is one f#$%ing deep and philosophical animated buddy comedy about time-traveling turkeys. (Literal turkeys, not Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq or anyone like that) Having exhausted the animated potential behind all major holidays, was there really anywhere for a studio (especially a relatively new one) to turn other than Thanksgiving? Everything else is covered. So Reel FX Creative Studios, gets into the big screen game after having pumped out a bunch of television work, direct-to-video flicks and Cirque du Soliel: Worlds Away (47%) with a story about ruining my favorite day of the year.

Directed by Jimmy Hayward has helmed the good (Horton Hears a Who-79%) and the comically bad (Jonah Hex-12%) so it’s hard to know how to gauge his newest. The trailer had a "smile" moments and a bit of comedic timing. But again, it’s about time traveling turkeys, so who knows. I’ll hedge a bit and hope for the best. There are simply too many implications in this movie to know exactly how to go. The Rotten Watch for Free Birds is 49%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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