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If I were in a buddy cop scenario – teaming up with a pal of mine for a little officer of the law hijinks replete with angry perps, hilarious house calls, pulling out our guns at inopportune times and just generally making a mockery of the whole cop culture – my choice would be easy: my buddy Rico. He’s a real cop and would know all the right things to do, and correct protocols. He’d be super safe with the weapons and would understand certain procedural components of the job that I couldn’t ever know. Get it? It would be hilarious. Super by-the-books and hilarious.

These other guys have a slightly different idea in the trailer for Let’s Be Cops:

Buddy cop films are nothing new, and films in which dudes (or women, though it’s more rare) pretend to be police officers for the sake of comedic effect have been around awhile. This one doesn’t look particularly ground-breaking though I suspect it has its moments. With Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson (loved him in Drinking Buddies) posing as police officers after a costume party, I think there’s a chance for a bunch of cheap laughs. As a complete film? Not so sure about that.

Director Luke Greenfield had some (relative) success with The Girl Next Door (55%), but suffered with a sizeable miss in Something Borrowed (15%). My guess is his latest will fall somewhere in between those two. There were too many funny moments in the trailer for it to completely bomb, and the storyline is safe enough that it’d be tough to totally whiff in that regard. The whole thing will fall on the shoulders of the two leads with the hope they can carry a full film on their comedic chops. I think they get most of the way there. But it won’t be anything close to what Rico and I could do: filling out paperwork and monitoring construction sites.

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