Recapping last week:

Only one movie and it was a doozy. Riddick (Predicted: 13% Actual: 59%) was a huge miss and I took my lumps in a variety of fashions on this prediction. Obviously I was wildly off with the score, assuming from the trailer and other movies in the franchise that this would stink. Additionally, Vin Diesel did so little to inspire confidence in this flick that I spent a fair portion of the write up picking at the dude. He turned in a decently reviewed flick. Finally, the commenters came to Riddick/ Diesel’s defense, essentially calling me a moron. Appears they were correct. Unlike other prognosticators, I don’t have an issue admitting when I’m wrong. I was way off with this movie. I deserved the vitriol. I will allow Vin Diesel to come to my house and slap me exactly one time, at 25% strength. Vin, inbox me for details.

Next time around it’s the battle of the year and we get taken prisoner. It’s going to be a Rotten Week!

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